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Saturday, August 14, 2010

What You Will Find at the SkillShare

Irvington SkillShare "Feast"ival Topics/Presenters




Vermiculture - Alan Archibald, The Growing Community

Aquaculture - Linda Proffitt, Global Peace Initiatives


Soups, Stews, Grassfed beef - Jane Hagenauer and Anna Chase, Artesian Farm

Kitchen sprouts - Anna Chase, Artesian Farm

Sneaking Healthy Fare into your Family's Meals - Rosie Bishop




Cold frames - Wendi Garringer, Irvington resident

Backyard Chickens – Pepper Partin, Irvington resident

Beekeeping - Patricia Waters/Joe Harding, Beginning Home Beekeepers 

Edible landscaping - Amy Mullen, Spotts Lawn and Garden Service

Rain barrels –Tyler and Laura Henderson, Growing Places Indy


Wildcrafting/foraging/herbalism - Greg Monzel, Pogue's Run Grocer

Fermenting - Mark Cox and Joshua Hensen, Fermenti Artisan




Small Space Gardening - Darren Chittick and Frank Dennis, Little Flower Farms


Solar Cooking – Judy Hostetler and Shawndra Miller, Irvington Green Initiative



Composting/Leaves – Terry Spotts, Spotts Lawn and Garden Service

Seed Saving – Kay Grimm, Basic Roots Community Foods



Canning – Alan and Betsy Bernstein, Alan's Catered Events

Bread - Matt Groshek, Irvington resident



Resource Tables (partial list)

Native Plants/Backyard Wildlife Habitat – Pat Brown, Irvington Garden Club


Native Pollinators – Sara O'Brien, Irvington resident


Starter Steps to Going Local - April Hammerand, Indianapolis Food, Farm and Family Coalition


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